About our philosophy

Our sophisticated details are what make it stand out from the crowd. The materials, stitching and buttons shows off the high-end fabrication and design. With soft hand to touch feel and ribbed cuffs, Blue Industry continue to define every item by subtle details.

But in such a way, that all items can be well combined together. Due to this, it’s very easy to dress yourself completely in a Blue Industry outfit..

Blue Industry strikes their target spot on with distinctly wearable and sporty separates. Characterized by a slim silhouette and masculine textiles, the line’s individual elements are compelling enough to stand alone, yet layer exceptionally well. Classically cut shirts, jackets and knits share an obvious connection; they are all designed with purpose and precision to imbue the wearer with confidence in their sartorial status- even when they miss target practice.

It’s a highly coordinated collection that will take you from a relaxed daytime event to an evening out. The lines are clean, the colors are fresh and the detailing is sophisticated. Both trendy and distinctive, it’s clothing that lets you put a crisp white shirt and sport coat with your beloved jeans and feel suitably dressed for nearly every occasion. No more words needed right?