Blue Industry chino, navy pied de poule broek

Chino, marineblau pied de poule Pants
This is the signature chino from Blue Industry. A grey blue pant with a pied-de- poule motif. A modern approach to a classic pair of pants. The fabric has the characteristics of a woolen pant. Subtle details refer to the pants while the fit and look remain modern. With just enough stretch and an interior finished with piped seams and a padded waistband. The drawstring can be worn knotted or taken out completely. In addition, the Sneaker Suit chino has a Slim-Fit fit that falls fitted around the shape of the body. Because the suit is cut from a blend of polyester, viscose and spandex (stretch), it wears extremely comfortably. Blue Industry chino - JAKE W22 -M46
JAKE W22 -M2|NAVY|54