Where can I find more product information?
On the product page you can find information about our materials and fits. For more information, please contact us at info@blue-industry.com.

I did not receive an email
Sometimes the email we send you ends up in your spam. Always check your inbox and spam box.

Are the prices including VAT?
Yes, all prices include 21% VAT.

I forgot my password or it doesn't work.
Check the login page and select 'forgot my password', your password will be emailed to you.

There is an error in the webshop.
Refresh the page after a few minutes. If it still does not work, please contact us at info@blue-industry.com.

Is it safe to order online?
Yes, your information is safe with us, we will not share your data. The payment on our webshop is secured. More info on the privacy policy.

What currency do you use?
All items are in EURO'S.

I have a complaint about Blue Industry.
What annoying to hear that you have a complaint. Blue Industry would like to try to help you in any way possible. Please send us an email at info@blue-industry.com with detailed information about your complaint.

How do I contact customer service?
You can contact the head office of Blue Industry. Call: + 31 (0) 30 6865863 or send us an email at info@blue-industry.com.

When does the new collection arrive?

Blue Industry is working on a new collection every day. So keep a close eye on us. Follow us on Facebook and Instragram to stay up-to-date for our new collections.

I have received a completely different item.
We are sorry for the mistake. Please send us an email at info@blue-industry.com. We will then fix it for you.