Also this winter you will look in style when you go for Blue Industry.

The new fall/winter 2022 collection is full of warm colors processed in our shirts, cardigans and jackets.

This collection will not only give you warmth through the choice of fabrics we have made, also the colors will give you a warm and harmonious feeling.

For our shirts we have chosen different fabric compositions. So you have the right amount of comfort for every occasion. From beautiful plain shirts to shirts with a small print to all over print shirts for a casual look. At Blue Industry you can find a shirt for every occasion again this winter.

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The new spring/summer '22 collection, presented, exudes an adventurous spirit and is inspired by a sense of space, light, fresh air and nature.

The collection reflects the transition from sunrise to sunset with coral reds and sky blues punctuated by fresh aqua tones and cooled by a midnight blue. This collection offers a beautiful color palette for your spring/summer wardrobe.

Different floral prints are found throughout the collection. Flowers have a form of positivity which they represent in the mood of the collection and is incorporated in different forms.

The overall style and aesthetic is fluid and relaxed, emphasizing the softness of the fabrics to accentuate the body while being flattering and subtle.

The youthful spirit of the collection is reflected in the sports-inspired fabrics and shapes with form-fitting printed bright jersey. Other elements of the collection, such as sweatshirts, striped cuffs chinos with drawstring hems also nod to the sports-inspired look.


Blue Industry is a contemporary Dutch fashion label, grounded in the ethos of simplicity with substance. We appeal to confident people who have an eye for detail and appreciate an authentic point of view.

Classics inspired by modern design.

The collections are inspired by European dandyism and create current styles. The emphasis is on quality, attention to detail, comfort and style. This season's collection is all about European tailoring and comfort. We wanted the designs to evoke a sense of youthfulness and carefree. The use of contemporary woven fabrics for jackets and blazers gives the new season's styles a mix of sophistication and comfort normally found in sportswear. We have also focused on colors that you would expect to see among the blue waters and idyllic landscape of Italy in winter. You will find modern black and navy suits in stripe pattern, beautiful sports blazers, slim chino pants, and classic short-collar shirts in floral and dot prints with fine details.

Blue Industry 's approach to clothing changes the idea that casual wear is only worn on vacation and says that you can in fact dress the way you want to live - extremely relaxed.



Every Blue Industry design is backed by a down-to-earth sense of design: quirky but not frivolous, good basics but certainly not boring. Blue Industry positions itself between casual and formal clothing. Blue Industry is not trend-setting, but always recognizable by its own handwriting.

Relaxed elegance and a color palette of earth tones, pale sky blue and sun-bleached vacation colors permeate the mood of the spring/summer '21 collection.

Lightweight summer fabrics, including Lounge Jersey, organic cotton and 100% linen, gracefully offer freedom of movement and give comfort wear a new dimension in a new era.

The image of tight-fitting suits no longer exists, pants are looser and drawstring waists prevail as wearers put comfort first. Of course, that doesn't mean you can't look groomed.

A few cheerful floral prints are applied to shirts, polos and shorts, bringing positivity everywhere.

An array of colors, textures and fabrics, the latest Blue Industry collection is inspired by a changing society, where we work in different places and ways.



Clothes do make the man. An outfit can fit you, but does it really fit you?

Blue Industry distinguishes itself with its very own signature, sophisticated designs and perfect fit.

On this site Blue Industry wants to show what inspires us, what makes us enthusiastic and what gives us the drive day after day to create the most beautiful collections.

The new fashion season is just around the corner. This season the label combines its clean signature with various nonchalant prints.

Besides an unmistakable eye for detail and a wide variety of beautiful qualities, Blue Industry also makes a statement with new fashion colors. The colors of Blue Industry are current winter tones and original combinations.

In a time where American sportswear dominates the fashion landscape, Blue Industry combines casual chic with this sportswear.

Colberts and shirts still form the core of the Blue Industry Story and we are very proud of that.

A number of colors stand out. Especially a warm, vibrant yellow stands out in the collection. Besides the usual navy and army tones, the collection is characterized by this color red and bordeaux in the typical Blue Industry signature. A statement is made with subtle fluorine colors.

In short: a balanced and easy to combine color palette.





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