Especially for 'Casual Friday' at the office or during the online Zoom meeting. Nowadays, a jacket can be worn casually as well as professionally. View the wide range of men's jackets of Blue Industry on our page.

Business-casual of Casual chic colbert

A jacket is a versatile garment that should not be missing in your wardrobe. By wearing the jacket with jeans or in combination with chino trousers you give your outfit a casual look. Do you want to go for business-casual? Then wear your jacket in combination with a matching shirt. Are you at a party where the theme is casual chic? Then you can go for the combination of a jacket with a polo or T-shirt. At Blue Industry we have all these items in our range, so you can make your outfit complete. All our products feature subtle details, a nice fit and have a refined finish. You can find the entire range on our website.

Slim fit

For those who are looking for a jacket that fits like a glove, the jackets of Blue Industry are the right choice. Our men's jackets have a slim fit. This fit ensures that the jackets are neatly fitted to the body. In our range, you can choose from various sizes, so you can be sure that the model you choose fits your body.

Men's festive casual jackets

Whether you're going to a birthday, to a Christmas dinner or to a wedding. In the list of festive clothing for men, a jacket can certainly not be missing. The nice thing about a jacket is that it can be combined with every outfit. Therefore, these jackets are indispensable in every male wardrobe. A jacket is always neat and chic. Of course, as a man you can wear a suit for a party, but nowadays we see that more and more men choose 'casual chic'. This means that a shirt or a polo shirt with jeans can be given a more subtle look by wearing a jacket over it.

Because the jackets of Blue Industry come in different colours and with various patterns, you can combine endlessly. With this, you will never miss the mark.

Casual jacket in summer

Are you having a party or wedding during the warmer days? Then it's nice to choose a jacket that is made of linen or cotton. These materials are light and let a lot of cool air through. This keeps you comfortable even during the warmer days. Another advantage of a jacket is that you can easily take it off. Because the material is so light you can easily wear the jacket over your arm. To complete your casual outfit, you can choose a polo or T-shirt in the summer. Combined with a light-coloured pair of jeans, you will look both summery and festive.

Casual Colbert in de winter

When you have to go outside during the colder days, it is advisable to look for a jacket that protects you against the wind and cold. At Blue Industry, we have a number of men's jackets in our range that are made of wool. This material makes sure that you stay nice and warm. When you want to go for a casual outfit in the winter, you can combine your casual jacket with a jumper and a scarf for example. Underneath that you can choose a pair of jeans or chino trousers. Our casual men's jackets come in basic colours like black, blue or grey, or with patterns like herringbone or blocks. This allows you to choose a trendy model that you can endlessly combine with any outfit.

Casual colbert heren sale

For those who want to score a complete outfit at a low price, we advise you to take a look in our Blue Industry sale. In our outlet you will find besides casual jackets for men also other garments to complete your casual outfit. You can look here for shirts, jumpers, trousers and accessories.