This item of clothing was once introduced as a pure sports shirt in the tennis world. The multiple tennis champion René Lacoste introduced the men's polo shirt to the market in 1933. As time went by, it was discovered that the shirt could also be worn casually. With his innovative tennis shirt, Lacoste had no idea that it would become a fashion item. By now, there are so many variations of the polo shirt that there is something for every man. No wonder the polo shirt has become a regular wardrobe item.

What does the brand Blue Industry stand for?

Clothing with its own signature, contemporary designs and the perfect fit. That is what characterises the clothing of Blue Industry. In our webshop you will find throughout the year a men's collection that suits the season. We find it important that our clothes fit you well. Clothing makes the man, so you should also feel good in it.

The polos of Blue Industry come in different colours and patterns. Because of this, you can easily combine them with different outfits. At Blue Industry, we sell not only polos, but also shirts, jackets and trousers. This way, you can compose your own unique dress code to a complete outfit all year round. 

How do I wear a polo shirt in the summer?

Especially with the warmer days, these shirts are quickly taken out of the closet. The big advantage of polo shirts is that they look neater and more formal than a normal T-shirt. By choosing a polo shirt that is made of a light material, such as lounge jersey, cotton or linen, you ensure that you do not get hot easily. Because these materials breathe well, you can keep a cool head. That's good, because it gives you the opportunity to dress comfortably in the summer, but still for business. If you don't want to wear the polo shirt as workwear, you can also combine it with shorts. In terms of fit, it is best if the polo shirt reaches the middle of the zip. Of course, you can also wear the polo shirt inside your trousers. In the summer, it is important to keep your freedom of movement. When trying on a polo shirt, make sure it fits your body shape.

How do I wear a polo shirt in the winter?

This item of clothing is especially good in summer and spring. This is because of the short sleeves. Fortunately, nowadays there are also long-sleeve polo shirts. At Blue Industry, the colours of the longsleeve polo are really winter colours, like dark blue and dark green. This allows you to wear this fine garment throughout the year. Just like in summer, you can also combine the polo with other clothes in winter. On colder days, for example, you can easily wear a comfortable pullover or hoodie over your polo shirt. A polo shirt under your jumper also gives you the option of looking smart when you take it off. You can also wear the shirt under a jacket. The typical collar of the polo completes the neat look.

Where can I find men's polo shirts in the sale?

When you want to buy a new article of clothing at a low price, we have the Blue Industry sale. In our webshop, under the heading 'outlet', you will not only find a polo at a great price, but also other garments to complete your outfit. You can think of jumpers, trousers, shirts and accessories.

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