Men's shorts are your casual answer when temperatures rise above 25 degrees and your long jeans are no longer your best friend. Every summer the discussion about whether it is done or not done for men to wear shorts at work flares up. We think it is. Because just like your favourite pair of jeans, men's shorts can be endlessly combined with other garments. How to do this, and where to find the best mens shorts, we tell you in this article.

What different types of men's shorts are there?

Do you think of men's shorts mainly as sporty shorts for your outdoor weekend? At Blue Industry you will find a much wider range than just the cargo shorts with zips and pockets. We follow clothing trends closely and have shorts for every occasion. Because of course you're not going to wear your sports trousers to a work meeting. On the other hand, you wouldn't wear chino shorts when you go to work either. It is important to consider which variant to choose.

Denim shorts for men

The denim short is a sturdy, short version of your favo jeans. Jeans are certainly not only suitable to wear in winter. This summer the popularity of denim shorts remains undiminished. Just like a normal pair of jeans you can combine a short with almost any piece of clothing: a t-shirt, shirt, polo shirt or tank top. As sporty as jeans are, denim shorts for men are mostly used as rugged shorts. With zips and pockets for example or with striking stitching.

Chino shorts for men

When you have a business or a festive occasion in the summer, this type of shorts is a godsend. Chino shorts are made for the fashion conscious man who wants to look good. The shorts are short versions of the classic sporty men's trousers and do not have large pockets or any other noticeable details. Like denim shorts, they are versatile. This means that you can easily combine them with a smart men's polo shirt or a shirt. Chinos are stylish when combined with boat shoes or trainers. This type of men's shorts is most suitable when you want to go to the office on warm days in shorts, but still dressed up.

Sweatshorts for men

The last variant that we will be discussing in this article is mainly known for its comfort. Sweatshorts are short men's trousers that are made of stretch material, which allows for a lot of freedom of movement. The light material also makes these shorts extra comfortable to wear in very warm temperatures. The look of these shorts is mainly sporty and casual. We therefore see these trousers mainly during sporting activities.

What characterises the shorts for men from Blue Industry?

The above variants can be found in our men's collection of shorts in the webshop. Clothes make the man, even on hot days. Therefore, we find it very important that you find a pair of shorts that suits you. Choose a model you feel comfortable in. All our shorts for men are made of high quality cotton. This material is lightweight and absorbs moisture without being sticky. This will keep you cool and stylish through the summer. We work with first-class brands that guarantee a perfect fit. And of course we have a wide range of colours and patterns, so there is always something for you. You can choose from neutral colours, such as black, grey and blue shorts, or a more cheerful print on your shorts. 

Can I buy men's shorts on sale?

Yes, it is. The sale of short men's trousers has started at Blue Industry. Through our webshop you can profit from high discounts and free shipping. This way you can purchase your new shorts at great prices. Take a look at this page to get inspired or to get more information about Blue Industry. Can't work it out? Our styling consultants are ready to answer all your fashion questions. See you soon!