Which style of clothing suits you best? At Blue Industry we like to inspire you to put together your unique dress code. With a wide range of casual clothing and stylish, trendy menswear for more formal occasions, we offer you enough choice to look well-dressed every day. Whatever your day looks like, for every occasion there is something for fashionable men at Blue Industry. 

The shirts of Blue Industry

The shirts of Blue Industry are something we as a brand are proud of. Made of durable materials, the Blue Industry shirt is a garment with which you can combine endlessly. The beauty of the men's shirt is that you can wear it, next to business, also casual. For office days you can choose shirts with a neutral colour, such as blue, grey or black. These business shirts have a collar and buttons and have a nice tight fit. For the classic business look, you can wear a shirt inside your trousers and a jacket on top. 

When you wear a shirt outside of office hours, you can feel free to go for striking prints. In the collection of Blue Industry you will find, besides classic plain, check or stripe shirts, also shirts with striking colours and fantasy prints where you can come forward sporty or festive. With a casual look you can choose to wear your shirt over the trousers or combine it with a jumper.

The jackets of Blue Industry

Another item of clothing with which you can combine endlessly is a men's jacket. Nowadays, there are two different styles in which the men's jacket is often worn. We have the 'business-look', where you combine the jacket with a shirt and smart trousers. With this look you are never out of style in the business environment or on a chic occasion. The other look is the 'smart-casual' look, where you combine the jacket with casual clothing such as jeans or chinos. The look is still neat thanks to the jacket, but by combining your favourite jacket with sporty clothes you can achieve a more casual look. This is a great look for a party or a birthday. In warmer temperatures you can wear a polo shirt under your jacket for example and in the winter you can choose a jumper. 

A complete look from Blue Industry

Besides jackets and shirts, we have a lot more business and casual clothing in our webshop to make you look good. Blue Industry focuses entirely on the men's range. All garments are characterized by a contemporary signature and a perfect fit. For garments where men feel good, you can come to us all year round, every season.