During the summers it can get quite warm. How nice is it then to be able to swap your long jeans for shorts? Shorts are casual and versatile. This versatility is expressed in the many possibilities to combine this garment with other clothing items. Blue Industry shorts for men come in different shapes and sizes. In this article we tell you which different kinds of shorts you can find in our collection, and how to choose the model that best suits your mood or the occasion.

What characterises the shorts of Blue Industry?

We are always pleased when our customers are enthusiastic about our collection. That is why we find elements such as fit, comfort and quality very important when compiling our collections. In our webshop, you will find men's shorts made from high quality cotton. This natural material wears comfortably in the summer and ensures that you are well-dressed to keep your head cool in warmer temperatures. In terms of style, we have a wide selection of men's shorts, with colours and stylish finishes that match the fashion trend. Whether you choose neutral colours such as black, blue or grey, or a cheerful print, with the wide range of Blue Industry there is always something for you.

What types of men's shorts are there?

Shorts are a popular item of clothing in summer collections. As a result, there are already countless different variants. The big advantage of this is that you have a type of men's short for every occasion. The disadvantage may be that you do not know what to choose. Fortunately, below you will find a list explaining which type of shorts fits which occasion:

  • Sweat shorts

Made of a stretch material, so that you have plenty of freedom of movement. These shorts are known for their comfort. The shorts are made of a light, pleasantly wearable material, which makes them ideal to wear in the summer. The look of these shorts is quite sporty, which is why they are often worn during sporting activities.

  • Chino shorts

The second type of shorts for men are chino shorts. This type of shorts can also be worn for business or festive occasions. They are very versatile, which makes it easy to combine them. At the office, for example, you can wear chino shorts with a polo shirt or a shirt. Chino shorts are shorts without sporty elements such as bold stitching or large patch pockets, which makes them especially suitable for the fashion-conscious man who wants to dress in a stylish and summery way. For footwear, choose a pair of smart trainers underneath.

  • Denim shorts

The last variant is also one of the most popular. Whether you go for a t-shirt, a tank top, a polo shirt or shirt, just like a normal pair of jeans, the short can be combined with many different items of clothing. Thanks to this versatility and a casual look that appeals to many men, it is no wonder that denim shorts can be found in almost every men's wardrobe.